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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 7, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> we'll join o'reilly factor in a few minutes. let's go straight to rick. >> thank you very much. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what took place on board that denver-bound flight taking off from reagan international in washington tonight. this is united flight 663. officials got a heads up something strange had taken place during the flight involving a passenger, who had created a kind of a disturbance. fox can now confirm the passenger is in custody, and it turned out he's a diplomat from the gulf country of qatar. his name we're learning mohammed al-modaddi apparently based in washington, d.c.
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working for the qatarry embassy for a number of years. original reports is that he had been trying to ignite something, perhaps one of his shoes when a u.s. marshal on board that flight subdued him. but now, fox learned that the man may have been trying to light something else, perhaps in an attempt to cover another kind of smell. there is no conclusion right now as to whether or not an explosive device was involved. officials are saying he may have been trying to cover up something as trying to smoke a cigarette which snot allowed on board. but certainly no one was taking any chances given the recent history. two f 16s from norad were scrambled immediately and started flying alongside this flight, greta, escorting the flight to denver. it landed safely. no problems. no problems of any passengers either. as we said this man is now in custody and multiple agencies are investigating to find out
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exactly what he was trying to do is how this went down. greta, back to you. >> greta: rick we continue to learn more information, everyone gets nervous when hearing anything is being lit on a plane. fit turns out to be something they need to be doing something stupid trying to light a cigarette or could be a crime. you tell me he's from the -- works for the qatar embassy here in washington, d.c. which i don't mean to jump ahead of me. we have this thing called diplomatic immunity f it's something sinister, then, of course that plays night, whether or not we can do anything about him. it may be we've just -- we've got captain on the phone. catherine? >> thank you, greta. a short time ago i got off the phone with a source familiar with the events in denver. and things are fluid. what he told me is that it did involve this united airlines flight as reported to denver, flight 653.
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one air marshal was on board that broke do you ever respond to an incident. an individual was detained and claimed diplomatic status. separately we've confirmed he's a qatarry national. i was told that f 16s were scrambled and the homeland security apparatus right now is in full swing. i was told fbi is in lead and going over the plane with a fine-toothed comb to get the individual's bags as well, greta. >> thank you very much. stay with fox news for breaking news story. we now join the o'reilly factor that is already in progress. to unspeakable acts. reaction. with us now is nancy a further security advisor to president clinton and author of the book "the stupor power myth." all right, nancy, take your best shot. you just heard the talking points memo, what did i get wrong. >> if you want to cling to the
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policies of the bush administration go ahead. >> laura: i just said i disagreed with the war on terror. >> he tried to make it a crusade against islam. he use use offed those words and talked about a clash offer civilization. obama that is putting common sense on this. saying we are not a war with islam it's a war with extremists. most indonesia, bang leasure, we are not at war with those countries it's the fringe extreme to. get that fringe extreme out of the threat to us, we need to have the help of the rest of the world including the muslim world to do it. so he is trying to rejigger the phrase that we're not at war with islam. >> laura: president bush actually said frequently we are not at war with islam. in fact, he, right after 9/11, remember he started doing muslim outreach almost immediately. he had muslims come to the white house. in fact, he really aggravated a lot of real hard core conservatives because they thought he was going way overboard in the muslim outreach during that time. but the phraseology has gone
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from man-caused disaster, which is one of my favorites from janet napolitano this year. did you like that phraseology? >> noe i'm not going to defend that one. >> laura: overseas contingency operation did you like that phraseology? >> can you pars the words. >> laura: words matter. >> the image that president obama is embracing is a dramatic shift from the bush era crusade where anti-americanism shot out the window when we are trying to get a war global war on terrorism. right now people are beginning to trust the united states again because obama is not causing a clash of civilization against islam. words do matter. they will put some out to work better than others. what you are seeing from the national security strategy is an effort to shift from the crusade against islam to get the islam. >> laura: again, you keep saying that and repeating that nancy. no, president bush was repeatedly saying this is not a war -- how about islam is a religion of peace. how many times did he say that? >> that's not what was gone through.
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because of the overall rhetoric that was not heard. karen hughes herself admits they got some the rhetoric wrong. >> laura: what is the evidence that any of this is working? how is america safer today because we call this encountering violent extremism instead of islamic radicalism. >> what makes america safe is when the rest of the world does not trust us and they think we are at war with islam. if you are islamic nation you are not going to work with the united states on the level that we need to. obama is trying to reset that relationship. it's going to take time and not happen overnight. >> laura: lawyer we hear that about a lot of things it's not going to happen overnight. >> a lot of tough problems out there. no one expects. >> laura: talks going better because of this? >> this is a direct outreach to the muslim community around the world. >> laura: at some point you need a report card, nancy. >> want them to stop financing terrorism. safe haven. work with -- not against iraq. >> laura: obama administration's goal is to reach out, work with more people to try to tamp down
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and defeat this type of extremism. at some point -- you have to stop with the bush bashing because it's getting really old and tedious to a lot of people and start focusing on what am i doing that's working. maybe some of what i am doing isn't working. the report card so far the middle east report card. getting china and russia not to -- i mean actually to support meaningful sanctions against iran. we have failed on all three counts. i say the change of the name game that they are doing has done absolutely nothing to do the one thing that is important. keeping america safe. >> obama is keeping america safe. he is working to get a tougher policy in afghanistan where the terrorists live. working with pakistan to crack that down. making sure that the policy proceeds in iraq so that it is stable. working out with the rest of the world to try and squeeze iran to change its mind. >> laura: china listening on that front. >> there is progress there. >> laura: what progress? there are no sanctions.
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fourth round they are not doing it. >> we will see. working to try to get that going. but he is also conducting a very tough military policy. he is willing to kill, capture, and destroy any al qaeda extremist cell that we have. he is doing that. >> laura: support killing of an american citizen who is working with al qaeda, the order that went out never had been done in the bush administration, this is new to this administration. american working with al qaeda? >> i don't know what that is. >> laura: some people on the left have a problem with that now, vitriol elk- >> it's not just rhetoric. >> laura: language matters it's important we need to reach out to people. i understand that at the same time, whether it's some of the times people have referred to fox news the administration, or beck or limbaugh or any of these people, they don't have any problems calling out those people. they don't have any problem using what i would say was vitriolic and accuse tore language but you don't want to
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offend the terrorists. we don't want to bring up the obvious fact that islamic radicalism is at the core of what these people do. >> there is no, no intent to not worry about offending the terrorists. that's a complete red herring. obama is trying to kill the terrorists, capture and destroy them. who care what is they think. that's not the point. what you are trying to do is get a world global effort to try and squeeze and eliminate and reduce the possibility that there will be more recruits that those that would provide safe haven to al qaeda give financing to terrorists. the only way to do that is global effort that once again trusts america. a tough strategy. >> laura: i'm glad, nancy, that we both agree that overseas contingency administration is -- thank you very much. >> thank you. >> laura: leader of iran lashes out president bush nuclear policy comparing him to a cowboy in a western movie. can you believe that? later on, tech check out this video a flag burning protesters. why didn't the media tell you about that little atrocity.
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>> laura: the white house just revealed its controversial new nuclear plan and already our enemies are using it to make america look weak. here is mahmoud ahmadinejad mocking mr. obama.
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>> whenever american politicians and materialistic politicians are beaten by logic, laws, and rationale, they immediately put their hands on their triggers just like cowboys and actors in american western movies. we consider that obama's actions are all conducted because of his inexperience. >> laura: as you may know the obama administration is rejecting the development of new nukes and ruling out the use of nuclear arms against nonnuclear states with some exceptions. joining us now from atlanta is george birnbaum, a former chief of staff to benjamin netanyahu. george, it's great to see you. it's amazing to me to have barack obama compared to the cowboy, the image and the old western movie after all the years of leftists saying george bush is a cowboy and here we have the iranian president saying the same thing. what gives? >> well, you know, i think this is no surprise to anyone who
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understands the middle east and middle eastern mentality. this goes back to what i have always said is the difference between pride and shame in the middle east. it's so important when dealing with any relationship in the middle east, whether it's a personal relationship, a business relationship, or diplomacy, that you project pride. it's the only thing that's respected in the middle east. and when president obama was elected, one of his credentials for middle east diplomacy was that he understood the muslim community because he grew up in a muslim country. the first thing he does is he goes to cairo and what i read and heard makes a apologetic speech for actions over the last decade. the middle east looks at that apology and looks at that as shameful and shameful equates weakness. no one should be surprised that the iranians have spent the better part of the last year delaying, delaying, delaying at the same time building the nuclear weapon program right in the face of quote, unquote, the tough talk of the u.s.
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>> laura: well, what we're reading now, george, is that not only is iran reacting to what it perceives to be a weakened position of the united states and they go in and they try to go in for their rhetorical kill, the weaker we appear. but now the "wall street journal" and former ambassador to the united nations john bolton are both saying that when you take president obama's statements all together and some of the things that hillary clinton has said, that they think it's inevitable that iran is going to become a a nuclear state. it's just inevitable. and i guess in our current situation there is nothing we're going to do about it or want to do about it. >> very dangerous. i mean, it's absolutely clear that the idea is now containment rather than prevention. and from an israeli point of view, that's an unacceptable position. israel is a very small country as you know. it's the size of rhode island. one bomb gets through and that's the end of israel as we know it. and so for israel the idea of containing a nuclear iran is absolutely unacceptable. there cannot be a nuclear iran.
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at the end of the day it seems that we are heading towards the direction that israel is going to have to do the same thing it did on june 7th, 1981, when it flew its bombers and bombed the nuclear reactor in iraq and take nuclear reaction. back in 1981 the u.s. voted along with the security council condemning that act by israel and 10 years later had to basically say, you know what in when we went into iraq with our own troops thank god the israelis had bombed the site 10 years ago because we would have faced a nuclear iraq at that point as opposed to conventional iraq. >> laura: george works israel now and everything you know when you worked with netanyahu, would israel ever decide to strike back or strike at preemptively iran without the approval either tacit or explicit sit approval of the united states? would it ever do that? >> you know, israeli leaders, especially someone like benjamin netanyahu understands the uniqueness of the state of israel. they understand that while china -- had china for 4,000
11:17 pm
years and india in h. india. the jews didn't have israel for 10,000 years. >> laura: would israel strike at iran if the united states, president obama said we don't want you to do that. would they ever do that? >> my point is, yes. because they understand that as goes israel, so goes the jewish world around the world. and first and foremost israel is not the 51st state of the united states. it is its own independent country trip and they need to do what's in israel's best interest as they did in 1981 when the americans back then urged israel not to attack iraq. >> laura: finally, before we let you go, somewhat endment in israel after the way netanyahu was treated in the white house recently? >> the israeli public, by and large, from left to right, viewed this current u.s. administration as one of the most unfriendliest administrations in israel's history. pal tab in terms of the israeli public. they are very worried about it because they do understand the
11:18 pm
threat of a nuclear iran. they do understand that israel taking lateral action will mean a war in the middle east. >> laura: i appreciate it mr. birnbaum, thanks a lot. do not forget to street in the bill o' poll question which asks would you favor military action to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon? yes or no? would president obama take to the campaign trail to try to give democrats a boost in november or could that actually hurt their chances? then the food police are out in full force. san francisco, supervisors has made mondays meat free in the city by the bay. we'll be i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,000 miles on it now, but i'm gonna take it to a thousand million. [ male announcer ] when you own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, chances are they'll own it one day, too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, will the campaigner in chief sink the democrats in november? with midterm elections approaching and many democrats in danger of losing their
11:22 pm
congressional seats. team obama is planning its campaign strategy. here is the question. should the president hit the road to rally votes or will he help the dems more by staying away? with us now, fox news contributor joe trippi, a democratic strategist. joe, great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> laura: with your tan there. let's talk about this. if you are in the south and tight contest and it's going to be a rough november clearly for some democrats, maybe a lot of democrats. you are in the south, especially, are you going to campaign as a barack obama democrat? >> i think you are going to campaign against washington. i mean, i think that's. >> laura: barack obama is in washington. that's the problem. >> that's why i think that would be the case regardless of who the president is, you don't want anybody from washington in your -- or thought of as from washington in your district or in your state doesn't do you any good. so i think, look, the obama got a lot of assets. he can raise money. he can push a button, hit send, and tell people to send money to your state or your candidacy. i think those are going to be things that you will see them do. and then, yeah, where there is swing voters that he can get to
11:23 pm
and energize the base, which is important, he dual that. >> laura: joe, think about it let's go back 14, 15 months ago. this was riding high. this was brad pitt and angelina jolie and oprah and they were all here in washington. it was strong. you couldn't sea to shining sea and hope and o and not that long time has transpired but suddenly we are having this conversation about whether the president is going to campaign for democrats. that is startling turn around, is it not? >> it's an issue that happens every midterm. >> laura: to this extent it happens. >> absolutely happened in reagan's first -- >> laura: to this extent has the president from the first day in office to today fallen as fast across as many demographic lines as president obama? you have to answer that question. you know it? >> i don't think so. i don't think as few of them started as high as he has. he has used a lot of that capital passing health care reform and other things.
11:24 pm
none of them easy tasks. he has fought hearted. that's not the issue here. the issue is ronald reagan wouldn't have been sent to san francisco to campaign for republicans. >> laura: yeah, but san francisco. come on. that's not a very -- ronald reagan was welcome will in florida, texas, oklahoma, all throughout the south. i disagree with you on that. i was kind of a kid but i still remember what happened in 1984. >> each president has strengths and weaknesses in districts. it never makes sense to have a president go to some of these districts with lots of marginal voters in an off year because democrats -- the party in power is going to lose seats. look, everybody on my side. >> laura: are they going to lose the house? >> i don't think it will be that bad. but it's going to be pretty bad. we are going to lose seats. absolutely. >> laura: why do you think you are going to lose seats aside from the historical tradition? >> it's historical it is tradition. >> laura: beyond that there is something else going on in the country would you not agree with that. >> whenever you control house, senate, and the presidency, you
11:25 pm
are blamed for everything. hey, you have got the ball. that's going to hand. >> laura: how about the new poll that came out that said most americans, plurality of americans identify with the tea party movement. isn't that interesting how it has been totally vilified and crazy people out there and violence and threats? and most people think, you know, maybe i don't agree with them on everything but they seem to really care about the constitution? doesn't that tell something about where the electorate. >> it's absolute mistake to belittle them in my point of view. >> laura: that's because you are smart. >> it's crazy to do that. >> laura: it's an america movement not tea party movement. >> against washington. lawyer hour not just against washington. it's against the louisiana purchase, it's against the lie about transparency. it's against bankrupting our children's future. that's what it's against. >> i agree. >> laura: washington is a copout, joe. it's against the bankrupting of america. >> it's against -- that's where i think there is a mistake on the right. this is against both parties. the country is really has a lot of anger towards republicans and
11:26 pm
democrats. it's why, you know, when you look at how congress is doing or how either party is doing. >> laura: virginia, massachusetts and new jersey the anger was directed towards one party. >> it's going to be more against the party that has the most seats, obviously that's going to happen. >> laura: one upset that could really shake the democrats to the core, i'm asking you to kind of dig deep here, one upset in november, what would it be. what's one senate seat? what would be the biggest upset and maybe could shake the whole system up? >> you know, i think it's hard to tell right now. it really is. because and i'm not trying to punt on your question. >> laura: barbara boxer goes down in november. >> if bore bra boxer went down in california, that would poor tend losing the senate. >> laura: president obama is going to campaign for barbara boxer. that's one thing on the schedule. >> there will be others. too early to tell right now. very smart people. >> laura: they are raising a lot of money, you are right. >> huted him where he can do the
11:27 pm
most good. >> laura: the only thing the president needs to do is learn how to throw a baseball. he has the whole south covered. i appreciate it, joe. great to sigh. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the cia says the controversial aclu program is putting its agents at risk. liz cheney will have a reaction and bernie goldberg says the far left is getting a sweet ride in the media we'llll ♪ as you can see, this isn't your typical midwestern farm. the reason lies six thousand miles away... in japan, where a producer of specialty eggs needed corn for feed... grown to precise standards. cargill identified the producer's needs, then introduced an illinois farmer to grow the exact corn needed... and developed a system to ship it separately, connecting the farmer with a japanese customer... who was very appreciative. this is how cargill works with customers.
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secretly photograph cia agents and then reportedly show the photos to terrorist suspects at gitmo. well, the cia is now breaking its silence saying that the project, which was discontinued late last year, put those agents at risk, joining us now from new york, is the founder of keep america safe, liz cheney. liz, it's great to see you. i still can't believe this story. i mean, the project was disbanded in november but now we have information that photos of operatives of the cia were found in the cells of some of the most dangerous gitmo detainees, apparently received from their lawyers who were operating in this john adams project. john adams would be rolling in his grave obviously if he knew about this. >> yeah. >> laura: tell us the latest. >> it's very concerning that you actually have lawyers who were representing terrorists at
11:31 pm
guantanamo doing exactly what you laid out. you had the attorney general say that he believes that lawyers who represented these terrorists are, quote, patriots because they were representing, quote, unpopular clients. now, i think most americans out there would choose a word besides unpopular to describe the terrorists who were really bent on killing americans and attacking the u.s. the fact that at a time when we are a nation at war, you have got people hiding behind, in my view, their law licenses, putting cia officers at risk. had you lawyers who were apparently stalking and tracking cia officials. taking their pictures in order to show the photos to the detainees. had you another lawyer who drew a map of quan guantanamo, inclug highlighting where the guard towers were to show to the detainees. it's despicable and it's shame full and i'm glad there is investigation going on to get to the bottom of what was actually happening. >> laura: liz, in our system of law, everybody gets an attorney. everyone has the right to an attorney if they want one. there is nothing in the constitution that says then that attorney should go and work for
11:32 pm
the justice department to represent the interest of the united states. that's that issue. >> i think also, you know, having a law license doesn't mean you are above question or criticism. >> laura: of course. >> lawyers certainly could choose to represent terrorists but then they need to answer questions about why they did that and if they then go to work for the justice department. we have the right to know that. >> laura: right. and we certainly should be knowing anyone who is working at the justice department now, any involvement in anything even tangentially related to this john adams project. those are questions we would like othe answers to. >> exactly. >> laura: the prosecutor in chicago who made his big claim to fame was when he went after scooter libby, right? he is the guy who is looking into this john adams project and whether any of these identities were compromised and whether the aclu was if facilitating some nefarious behavior on the part of these detainees. i certainly hope that he is as aggressive in treating this prosecution, this investigation as he was about the scooter
11:33 pm
libby valerie plame outing. we have cia operatives' lives could be in danger. >> we could spend hours talking about why there is a huge difference between the situations. >> laura: of course, what i would point out is we don't understand is why it is that justice department themselves were recuse could you seed from investigation. fitzgerald was brought in because justice department officials stepped back and recused themselves. i would like to know why. what was their involvement in this whole set of issues that now creates some sort of conflict apparently. now it goes back to the need for transparency. the president of the united states talked about the need for transparency when he released to the public and to the parents the details of our enhanced interrogation program thereby putting cia operatives at risk. but suddenly they are saying we don't need the transparency when it comes to the american's peoples right to know or the lawyers who used to represent
11:34 pm
terrorists who used to advocate for the release of terrorists are now setting our policy on terrorist detention inside the justice department. >> laura: i just can't believe they are taking photos like paparazzi style photos of operatives in public places and then somehow they get into the hands of people at get know. people are watching this throughout the country saying what? this is the aclu. we knew the aclu was bad. we didn't know it was this bad. now these people are collecting taxpayer salaries in the department of justice. i know ken starr and tell olsen are in a fight in the conservative family about your comments about. this i think this particular case is a complete and utter outrage. >> look, cia officials who have been interrogating, who have been helping us to capture those terrorists, they deserve our thanks and our praise. and we need them focused on helping us fight and win this war. the fact that they are having to protect their backs from american lawyers who are apparently tracking them, you know, it's inexcusable. i hope those people are held to
11:35 pm
account for their behavior. >> laura: liz, always great to sigh. >> you too. thank you. >> laura: bernie goldberg up next. why the media focused on the tea party protesters but ignored welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message. "hello." calculator humor. i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule.
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(announcer) get your first full prescription free and save on refills. this vile antiwar demonstration took place near the white house. >> we're going to show what you this flag means to us right now. ♪ [cheers] >> george bush and dick cheney
11:38 pm
are still at large. they are fugitives from justice. >> capture goat herders in iraq and afghanistan and send them to gitmo where the cia comes in and has them raped. has them raped. they bring in prostitutes to rape these deeply religious men. >> we are done being servants to unrighteous cause and this flag is no longer my master. >> laura: didn't hear much about that now, did we? joining us now from miami is fox news media analyst bernie goldberg whose column on the tea party coverage can be found on bernard now, bernie, that video was striking. and the sentiment. >> absolute. >> laura: expressed the vile comments. you have got to search for the coverage on that. had to search with metal detectors to find that coverage anywhere. what gives? >> right. let me see if i understand this. every fringe event at a tea
11:39 pm
party rally, real or imagined. real or imagined, is covered by the lame stream media, but flag burning at an antiwar rally isn't covered. and, you know, i have been thinking about well, why is this? well, because these fringe events at tea party rallies, whether they are nasty signs or these alleged shouting of racial slurs, which i am convinced at this point never happened, this fits into the narrative of most mainstream news reporters that the tea party people are not too smart, think are bigots. so, when you see a nasty sign, which i'm against and you are against, when you see one of these signs, they report it as if not typical, certainly not unusual. but when you see the flag burning and just so you know my take on this, while i'm against flag burning it is protected speech by the first amendment. that's not the point though.
11:40 pm
when you see flag burning, they ignore it because. >> laura: makes the left look bad. that's why they ignore it, bernie. it makes those people in the media who support the left look bad too by association, right? >> i will give you a specific person it makes look bad. after the election, after the inauguration, rather, my book a slobbering love affair came out. the theme of the book is that the mainstream media early on went into the tank for barack obama. so now you have tea party people who are not only against big government but they are against barack obama, so anything you could do to make them look bad, and make their fringe events look typical, you will do it. and this is why bill o'reilly and i, and you know, bill, he sits in for you on this show every now and then. [ laughter ] >> laura: i'm in trouble now. >> that's why bill o'reilly and i say it has moved from nearby us -- near bias to corruption. that's a big leap.
11:41 pm
>> laura: bernie, i love some of the headlines and then get into the steve cohen issue. black congressman run gauntlet of racial slurs. tea party turns into clan rally. racism simmers below the surface on health care. always the worst motive. and you see that famous shouting video that somehow turned into a spitting video. just to refocus on what you said earlier, bernie, you think that these allegations made by john lewis and others are things that were said never happened. now, why do you think that? i'm not sure john lewis ever said they happened, as a matter of fact, one congressman from nevada, i think, a black congressman said he heard these -- the "n" word shouted 15 times. well, you know what? that's a lot of times for somebody to be shouting a nasty thing like that. you think somebody would have heard it. john lewis, whose politics i have said i don't buy but i have known him for a long time. i used to work in the south for cbs news. i think he is a man of integrity.
11:42 pm
let him come on your radio show, this television show, let him go on cnn, any place. >> laura: hear about it. >> he hasn't said that yet. the spitting incident when you hear that a white guy spit at a black congressman, you have a certain image. that's not what happened. even if the guy got some saliva on the congressman, which is rude, that isn't racist. >> laura: that's barney frank on any given interview so i wouldn't worry about that congressman steve cohen, you want to get into this because he gave a radio interview yesterday getting a lot of heat for it. tell us about it, the democrat from tennessee. >> while we are looking at him. let me read what you he said. he said the tea party are kind without robes and hoods. shown hard core angry side of america that is against any type of diversity. we saw opposition to african-americans, hostility toward gays, who's tilings to anybody this ho wasn't a clone of george wallace's fan club. so the tea party people to
11:43 pm
congressman cohen are a bunch of ku klux klans. >> laura: water cannon out, yes. >> this is obviously liberal hate speech. it's t. would be nice if one of them came out and denounced. this this is the really interesting part. this is the interesting part. steve cohen is a white jewish guy representing a predominantly black district in tennessee. in memphis. two years ago he ran in the democratic primary against the black woman and a black minister sent out fliers saying don't vote for steve cohen. are you ready for this? because steve cohen and the jews, that's a quote, hate jesus. wonderful. this year, he is running against a black former mayor of memphis who, in the democratic primary, and that person says we need a black person in this seat and his campaign manager nor black person says this seat was set aside, this seat was set aside for black people. now, steve cohen, what does he
11:44 pm
do when is he confronted with this kind of racism aimed at him? he turns it around and calls racist names to the tea party people. and he does it just to win a stinking election. that is really disgraceful. >> laura: it's graphic. but this is the last desperate card that is always thrown down in these types of incidents. bernie, we appreciate it as always. when we come back. >> thanks, laura. >> laura: outrageous situation in florida a teen girl beaten to a coma because of text messages. her family is going to be here directly ahead...... heel pressure. high arches. (announcer) people everywhere are discovering dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. backed by foot care scientists, its foot mapping technology identifies the areas you put pressure on
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>> laura: in the personal story segment tonight, outrageous crime triggered by a series of text messages. 15-year-old wayne treesy is charged with premeditated attempted murder after allegedly kicking 15-year-old jozy rattily in the head with steel tipped boots several times. jozy is now in a coma fighting for her life in a florida hospital. joining us now from the florida your is rick freidman he is an attorney for the family. it's very good to see you under very sad circumstances. first of all, tell us how jozy is doing. >> laura, thank you very much. i just came from the hospital. that was my last stop.
11:49 pm
i spent the last two hours with the family at joz's bedside. i am happy to report that this is 21 days, in the last three days ever since easter sunday, she is making a now remarkable turn for the better. while she still is in a coma. while she is still not responsive. can i tell you that they removed the ventilator yesterday and she is breathing on her own. the family is very hopeful that at some time in the near future she is going to come out of this coma, open her eyes and say what the mom keeps telling me is, which is hi, mommy. >> laura: and be able to testify against wayne treasy, undoubtedly. tell us what happened. text messages sent that he saw that referred to the suicide of his brother. this all happened at a bus stop on the way to school. is that right? >> yeah, i have to be real careful in terms of the evidence. i will tell you in a general sense, this actually occurred at
11:50 pm
2:49 p.m. when school was getting out. the bell rang at the middle school. all the thousands of students come out to the front of the school in the collection area where the buses all pool -- pull up. it occurred probably in front of we don't know yet, several hundred witnesses right there on the school grounds at the end of the school day. >> laura: why aren't you able then to interview interested parties, people who witnessed what happened? must have been a lot of people who saw this, did they do anything to stop it? i mean i think we want to learn all of that. but have you not been able to gain access to that important information as the attorney of record here for the family. why is that? >> the rules of criminal procedure in florida are that the evidence goes from the police department in this case the broward's sheriff's office. moves over to the prosecutor, the assistant state attorney. once they file the formal charges, which is not expected to take place until april the 19th. then they will turn all of the evidence over to both the
11:51 pm
defense attorneys and then we will be able to determine the names of witnesses. >> laura: it's jogging my memory from law school. >> yes. >> laura: the school security here that's in place or not in place. do you envision making some claim about the level of safety and security on school grounds if this is right in front of where the buses pull up, would seem that there are teachers and school administrators were outside at that time, given the fact that there was another attack in this deerfield school system that was a pretty brutal attack not so long ago, similarly brutal, are you going to make a claim? >> it's a good question. look, i will tell you this is every parent's worst night mamplet you kiss your child in the morning. give them a hug and send them off to school on the school bus and six hours or seven hours later you expect them to come home from the school on the school bus and be there with open arms to give you a hug. in this case jos is i's mom got a knock at the door and it was
11:52 pm
the police telling her that something terrible had happened and that she was being air lifted to broward general nernt fort lauderdale. so we're certainly going to be looking down the road at all avenues, including where the school resource officers were. where the teachers aids were. where all the people were supposed to be and why they apparently weren't there to help protect josie. >> laura: we should also say that a 13-year-old girlfriend of mr. treacy was also involved in this fact pattern. again, you better know where your friends are and what they are text messaging and to whom they are text messaging. thanks for that update. san francisco declaring mondays meat free. wait until you hear why coming up next.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
. the back of the book segment tonight. the food police out in force in san francisco. the board of supervisors of mad cap folks are unanimously
11:55 pm
approving a measure to make mondays meat-free. joining us from the city by the bay, the campaign director for the group in defense of animals. are you cheering this? is this a great day for you? >> absolutely. we're very excited and very proud of the supervisors we want to thank them for being forward-thinking choosing to embrace and support a compassionate, environmental and healthy diet. >> let's talk about the point. a lot of folks are watching across the united states and thinking this is san francisco this is the same board of supervise there's proposed a measure that would have decriminalized prostitution. that told the battle ship iowa it couldn't have a place in its waterfront museum. gave a hassle to junior rotc and military recruiters. most people around the country are like this is typical
11:56 pm
san francisco -- san francisco. what do you think is going to be achieved with meatless monday? >> we need to start looking to our diet for some of our environmental problems, our health problems. more and more people there is awareness around food issues and how bad it has gotten. people are wanting to eat more local, organic, more plant-based. vegetarian diets are the green superstars. there was a wonderful study that found that eating two meals a week, vegetarian, would do more ecologically for your environmental impact than buying all locally sourced food. if we look to san francisco, the i am pam of -- impact diet just on monday its would be the equivalent of taking 123,000 cars off the streets of san francisco for a year.
11:57 pm
we could have positive change. >> i have no problem with eating vegetarian. i think whatever you want to do that is fine. i think it is kind of loopy for a local government agency to put this edict down, we are encourage everyone not to eat meat mondays. california is facing an incredibly budgetary situation state employees threatening with not getting checks. contractors are getting iou's instead of getting their money. twhel is sustainable living. i think it sounded a little elitist and out of sink with the way people live. a -- consider out of sync with the way people live. a lot of people like mac and cheese and a couple of burgers a week. it starts to get a little loopy. do you know the new study out about methane gas and cows
11:58 pm
that whole thing has been miscalculated. "the washington times" had a great piece about that which you should probably check out. >> to go back to your earlier point. supervisor maxwell who sponsored this wonderful resolution said we can do multiple things. we don't have to only focus on one thing this is really going to be beneficial in so many ways. if we look at the health aspects, just we all always hear eat more fruits and vegetables the american dietetic association the american cancer society all say eat more fruits and vegetables we have a childhood obesity epidemic in this country. >> is that because of a burger every now and then or because of processed food and super sizing drinks or because of having some meat? again what is the role of government? >> meats in the diet -- we are just asking for more -- >>, no, i look forward to the
11:59 pm
day that the board of supervisors lays down the edict about no letter shoes or letter belts. then i will think they are really committed to this cause. everybody has to wear plastic. that would be really cool. no leather seats, belts, shoes and frankly that would be -- we appreciate your joining us, thank you very much. i'm going to have a cheese burger after this that is it for us today. the factor continues 24/7 on bill o' we have great gifts for mother's day. patriot mom shirts and mugs. bill's website has posted the latest column about mexico a must-read. also, catch my radio show you can see the liftings on my website where you can sign up for the daily fix. i am laura ingraham in for bill off reilly. remember, the spin stops here,
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